Quiet Sentience

Quiet Sentience
Ember that was given a name during creation or shortly after, however not regarded as an intelligent Ember gains this quality.

Quiet Ember guide their owners toward their goals subtly.

The Ember item may passively influence saving throws or Rolls to get desired affects. It is based on the players conviction of their current path. The Stronger the players conviction in the current line of though the greater the bonuses. The Ember may all place subtle mental cues that help the player. Quiet Ember does have the limited ability of future sight.

If the player is attacking an ally but the player does not realize this is an ally the Ember may hinder his attempt to do so.

If the player begins to engage the Ember in conversation such as asking it for guidance it slowly becomes Intelligent and loses the ability of future sight and these passive modifiers.

Quiet Sentience

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